Welcome to Rosemount Therapy


et me introduce myself.  My name is Audrey Murray and I am a fully qualified and accredited BABCP Psychotherapist, practicing in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
( CBT ).

Everyone, at some point in our lives, needs support for a variety of reasons.  I offer you an opportunity to share your experiences within a safe and confidential space. We can work together to identify the impact these have on your day-to-day living using CBT tools and techniques.  I have helped a large number of clients, with a wide range of issues, to make positive changes to their lives.
Counselling provides support and guidance to anyone faced with a challenging situation.  Through  developing trust to explore personal or specific issues helps you regain responsibility for your life, by recognising how small changes can make a positive difference.
I would encourage you to take that first step in self-help by getting in touch, either by email or giving me a call.
Just remember: 'Trusting to talk, helps to make changes.'

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